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Create your style with Ornamentum

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Dresses characterize the souls of the wearers. Therefore, they must make you feel completely comfortable. Ornamentum satisfies this need: not only is it a fashion brand created by a woman for women, but it also is a brand that knows what modern women want and how to cuddle them with precious clothes which are adaptable to every single occasion. Ornamentum produces dresses that enhance the personal style of each one of you. If style is what represents you and differentiates you from other people, then Ornamentum dresses are the perfect choice for those who seek originality. Ornamentum avoid slavishly reproducing the same patterns for everyone, and, instead, listens to your necessities, adapts to your feelings and harmonizes its tastes in accordance with what you truly desire from your dress. Do not hesitate, find your personal inspiration in the online Boutique of Ornamentum!

Express your personality with Ornamentum

Enhance and express your personality by choosing a brand that puts women at the core of its creative focus. Ornamentum proposes clothes designed and made with a clear purpose: unleashing the energy, femininity and personality inherent in every woman. Ornamentum’s favourite fabric is silk. Adaptable, soft, delicate and, at the same time, refined and classy, ​​silk is a flawless fabric which has no drawbacks. This ancient, precious and multifaceted fabric is of unparalleled use also in the contemporary era where fashion trends require unmatched adaptability. True to say, it will surely also be at the forefront for developing future trends. This long-lasting heritage of silk is captured by Ornamentum in its clothes, which are the practical representation of eternal grace and elegance.

Aleta dresses your personality

Ornamentum has developed a dress for the Autumn which undoubtedly catches attention. This is Aleta. Composed of a long skirt and shirt, the dress has two distinct parts that can be used individually, making it suitable for any occasion. Having a light and refined texture, Aleta is an autumnal must-have which gives a chic and sophisticated look and enhances the seductive appeal of the woman wearing it. Completely made in Italy, Aleta is the ultimate dress for elegant and charismatic women who appreciate the craftsmanship of a brand that is dedicated to creating haute couture, original and limited dresses. Aleta is a perfect harmony of couture, appeal and allure that exalt the essence of women. What are you waiting for to show your own style and tell the world who you are?

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