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An ancient logo

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claudia Lotierzo

The Ornamentum logo is a symbol composed by five waves, whose origin must be sought way back in time. Ornamentum has the goal of a esthetically and spiritually interpreting history-old principles of fashion in light of modern fashion world needs. And this is clearly shown by its logo itself. On top of the five waves, the letter O is representative of internal and external completeness. Sought since ancient times, completeness for Ornamentum means respecting the mastery of the Made in Italy, a commitment to preserve the guidelines of the past while integrating them with vanguard crafting methods. This union has laid the foundations for Ornamentum willingness to adorn the spirit by dressing the body, paying great attention to help women thrive and pursue their own goals.

Femininity in a foulard Ornamentum pursues respect for traditions and modernity by focusing on the evolving concept of femininity. Femininity is at the core of Ornamentum approach to foulard-making. Essential accessories to light an outfit and to transmit refinement, foulards emphasize even the most anonymous looks, adapting to personal style sand revealing a willingness to stand out. For this season Ornamentum proposes Giochi d’autunno, a foulard whose shades, ranging from white to black and from red to ochre, is reminiscent of Autumnal natural colours. With its mix of intense and brilliant nuances, Giochi d’autunno is a silk-made must-have which easily adapts to every passing season, always revealing to be the right choice.


Feel every single detail

Elegance, grace and style are the cornerstones of Ornamentum work ethics. Those transpire from the choice of the fabric,the care taken in designing models and from their unparalleled originality. Predilection for silk is due not only to its value and history, but also to its adapting properties which make it suitable for any time of the year. At the same time, attention devoted to detailing every inch of Ornamentum clothes’ design and, in this way, to enhancing class and refinement is the core around which the Brand has constructed its reputation. Every detail is a combination of tradition and innovation: digital tools support the handmade use of markers, paper, needles and threads while the unique emotions of ancient crafting techniques guarantee the best quality for clothes. Chose quality and femininity, chose silk with Ornamentum!

Marta Buffoli per Ornamentum





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