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A garment with a soul

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Can a dress have a soul? Difficult to believe given the enormous quantity of mass-produced garments offered to us from the market. All different in appearance, but equal in substance. Yet there are garments who have a soul. They are those of Ornamentum’s high tailoring. To give life to the clothes are not only the machines, but the skilled and patient hands of expert tailors, who choose the fabric, cut it and shape it to adapt it to you. Each creation is a work of art in which the attention given to design, shapes, patterns and colors are reflected. It is this careful care for all phases of creation that gives the garment a soul. Only in this way will it be able to transmit your personality. The Ornamentum’s clothes dresses the soul of the wearer. It is a garment to dream, to wear and to live.

Silk: a perfect fabric

Ornamentum makes the Italian tradition its strong point, and of its accessory its distinctive symbol. The star of the brand is the foulard: synonymous of elegance, this accessory will give you that particular detail you are looking for your outfit, enhancing you and your personality. For this challenge, Ornamentum chooses silk: a thin, resistant and precious yarn with a timeless charm. A unique and special fabric, able to adapt to the wearer. A fabric that captures attention of those who can see the beauty of a unique style. Stay on the edge of color and find out where it can lead you in our online Boutique!

The versatility of the foulard

The foulard is not only the emblem of every woman and the symbol of Ornamentum, it is also a fundamental accessory in the wardrobe of each of us. Why are you asking? Simple: it is versatile and multi-functional. It can be worn in a classic way, around the neck or as a cape, to define one’s style. Or worn at the waist like a belt, to give a trendy touch to your outfits. Put on the head to make a particular hairstyle. And finally, you can use it as a top, which will make gritty a skirt or casual a pair of shorts. Among the range of patterns, Island is the favorite for summer: the white background like an expanse of fine sand is the backdrop to the blue and red that resemble the sea at sunset. A sophisticated and elegant game of opposites that will give your look a summer and tropical air. What are you waiting for to find out?

Marta Buffoli per Ornamentum



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