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Ornamentum’s Tradition

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claudia Lotierzo

Ornamentum’s garments are an exciting combination of style and craftmanship. The beauty of the fabric, silk, is entrenched in the clothes by the skilled hands of its professional tailors. Silk has always fascinated and conquered the markets around the world, but Ornamentum has streamlined the processing of this fabric to reach its highest potential, producing garments which are elegantly curated in every single detail. In fact, it takes Ornamentum 360 minutes to create a dress, exactly twice the time required for the creation of a standard dresses. Though this time is not spent unwisely. Ornamentum high quality standards require precision, whose results can be clearly seen reflected in the adaptability of its dresses. We produce what we like to call “second skins”: comfortable, light and harmonious clothes that demonstrate passion for style and the authentic values of the Made in Italy.

Authentic craftsmanship

IsabelEssentiality, versatility and precision are the main features of our dresses. We also highly value femininity and are committed to provide the best of the Made in Italy tradition to women all around the world. Tailoring emotions, Ornamentum’s craftsmanship elaborates unique products with unique characteristics. Our tailors are artisans using the skills handed down generation by generation by their parents and their parents before them. Their creativity shapes each garment individually, revealing the authentic beauty of handmade products, where elegance meets dedication. You can discover them in our online Boutique!


Isabel is the name of the dress which represents the core of Ornamentum’s values. Isabel is the embodiment of an artisan soul, a fusion of creativity and technique. Isabel is an impactful and distinctive dress, a unique garment that contains and blends history with modernity, elegance with uniqueness. The softness of the fabric – silk, of course -, together with the rigor of the lines and its detailed silhouette, make it the ideal choice for women who want the highest standards for their clothes.

Marta Buffoli per Ornamentum


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