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Wear silk

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The daytime is getting longer, summer heat is becoming more and more intense and our outfits end up being shorter and shorter, with comfortable low cuts. So it begins the search for a piece of clothing that is light, elegant and summerly colourful. We want to renew ourselves by wearing bright garments, we want to be gently dressed by a fresh, delicate fabric pleasant to the touch and comfortable on the body, we want silk! This fabric, with its unparalleled light and colour plays, is an exceptional natural masterpiece enshrined in a thread that offers protection and comfort in every single occasion and season. Light, elegant and polyhedric, silk has no equal. Silk is also a truly innovative fabric because it has unique isothermical properties. In summer days, silk retains all the freshness, leaving our skin a pleasantly delicate feeling. Used to make clothes that vary from skirts to collars and foulards, silk means guaranteed softness and refinement. Silk is the fabric on which to invest if you want to feel good. What are you waiting for to try it yourself?

Colours speak  What is the summer colour to bet on? This season, fashion presents all kinds of clothes with the most varied colourful patterns. The choice of Ornamentum could not but fall on blue, the leading trendiest summer colour. Blue is a colour that reminds of the sea and the infinite sky. It is the colour that makes you dream of exotic and distant destinations; it anticipates a good dose of humour and a long-awaited serenity. Moreover, blue is also the colour that identifies powerful women, that underlines their personality, energy and resilience. Blue is, certainly not by chance, the most chosen nuance by women in career. It is also a colour that can matches perfectly a long list of different outfits. In the brand’s new collection, delicate shades of blue blend and harmonize with floral prints, leaves and geometric shapes. The encounter of the prints’ bright colours with the amazing colour-changing effects of the fabric give life to a wide variety of unique and classy garment sand accessories. If you want to find out more, please check our online Boutique!

Live summer with Ornamentum

Start summer with the right foot by choosing the wonderful Plumaje skirt. On the white background it develops a magnetic play of contrasting colours made harmonious by a delicate pattern of blue-shaded leaves. The skirt is long and high-waisted, it beautifully marks the waist and enhances the silhouette of the wearer. To complete the outfit, Plumaje matches perfectly with the foulard of the same fantasy and with high-heels or jewelled sandals. Plumaje will reveal to be the perfect choice for and elegant occasion on the beach. In case you are more oriented towards a dress, Gioia might be the right solution. Gioia is a shirtdress with an unique asymmetrical skirt. The blue background of the dress is enlivened by beautiful flowers in shades of orange and ‘ocra’ that conquer the heart at first sight. All of our creations are entirely handmade according to the history-old tradition of the Made in Italy; this allows us to make our garments inimitable in regards to attention the details. Choose Ornamentum become a flagship of elegance!


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