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Ornamentum is coming to China

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claudia Lotierzo

The road taken by Ornamentum to conquer the East is continuing. To consolidate its presence in China there will soon be the opening a Temporary Store that aims to develop a project of expansion towards the East. The fulcrum of its realization can only be Shanghai. An economic and communicational center of the country, in recent years, it has turned out to be one of the reference cities of the modern fashion system. Ornamentum left nothing to chance in the realization of the location, characterizing it with his personal style. A refined atmosphere will welcome the customer, who will find himself in an environment with warm shades and silk seats that represent the unmistakable lifestyle of the Brand. Class and style are constants that accompany Ornamentum during all its encounters with the various businesses and which converge in a production characterized for each of them, without renouncing its typically Italian essence.

The future of fashion speaks chinese

What is sweeping the Chinese market in recent times is a qualitative leap forward in fashion entrepreneurship. As the first clothing manufacturer in the world, it now aims to establish itself as a fashion manufacturer in the luxury fashion. Characterized by a creativity, from the design with simple and delicate lines, from typically oriental fantasies, the Chinese fashion is becoming an increasingly incisive reality and at times of inspiration for all the major big names in the world fashion. This opening towards the international scenery and towards quality products by China has facilitated the entry of Ornamentum into that fascinating oriental world that has always bewitched designers all over the world. Even Ornamentum has let itself be transported and inspired by their culture, their colors and the creations that were born will be a real surprise for everyone.

 Made in Italy meets the Red dragon

Creativity, inspiration and variety are the directions taken by Ornamentum for the enrichment of its image and its philosophy. A mantra made of emotions and encounters of styles that guided him to the discovery of the East. The common thread of this philosophy is surely the silk thread, appreciated in Italy as well as in China, which has favored the union of two apparently different fashion realities. Made in Italy meets the Red Dragon and a strong impact collaboration is born that interprets and reflects all the positive aspects of both realities, adding a breath of flair and style. The result is aimed at all women who feel multifaceted and want to be represented by something unique and original. Ornamentum is therefore ready to amaze you with products resulting from the fusion of oriental and occidental styles. Stay connected to discover the news!

Marta Buffoli per Ornamentum


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