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The importance of silk in winter

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claudia Lotierzo

Always the protagonist on the catwalks of fashion all over the world, silk triumphs even in the winter season, changing the image of a purely summer fabric. Thanks to its isothermal property, silk also dominates in the Ornamentum Boutique, becoming a precious ally even in the cold season. It is declined in dresses with three-quarter sleeves, in transparent skirts that glide over the shapes and in refined accessories with splendid shades. Velvety, soft and delicate, in the hands of a woman it turns into an incredibly versatile fabric. The contemporaneity of its cuts, the preciousness of its fabric and the brightness of its colors will be enhanced by the personality and imagination with which you will wear it. Let yourself be guided by your style, choose and create your perfect outfit in the Boutique Ornamentum.

Discover Ornamentum for your parties

To live the magic of Christmas with elegance, there is no perfect fabric for the dress to wear. So we asked ourselves a question: which dress would the Ornamentum woman choose? We are sure to answer the Ariel long dress. Its name reminds that of a mermaid and its juxtaposition is not accidental. In fact it was designed and created to slip with elegance and softness along the curves of the body, a bit like the tail of a mermaid. Black with precious details on the shoulders and central knot is perfect to wear with a matching clutch bag and a heel pumps. It will be the perfect match for your Christmas holiday!



The special gift for Christmas

The Christmas holidays bring a period of joy and serenity to share with loved ones, from important and sumptuous dinners, up to the time of gift exchange. A special moment, but that also brings with it the concern to buy a gift that reflects the taste and interest of the person and at the same time presents itself impeccably in its packaging. Ornamentum, has the perfect gift idea for you: the Taura foulard. A quality crafts accessory, . A contrast of dark and light shades that stand out on every outfit. To enrich this foulard in pure silk is its packaging: a white, smooth glossy package with the golden Ornamentum logo in the center. A perfect combination of simplicity, traditional craftsmanship and attention to detail, which starts from the initial processing and reaches the packaging of the product. Elegance and tradition will be the protagonists of the Ornamentum Christmas.

Marta Buffoli per Ornamentum

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