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The choice of Ornamentum

Ornamentum birth and development

Ornamentum was born in 2013 from Claudia Lotierzo’s ambitious entrepreneurial idea.

The business has its development in the province of Milan, in one of the most important fashion districts of the world. From the very first day, Ornamentum has matched quality and attention in every single phase of its production, with the aim to create exclusive garments: simple but elegant lines, characterised by unique details.

This is possible thanks to Claudia and her resourceful team, made by Fashion Designers and a selected equipe of tailors. They work according to traditional techniques and knowledge.

Since its founding, there have been plenty of events and innovations characterising our activity, but two dates perfectly summerise our path:

  • 2016 Ornamentum.it was born: our virtual boutique offers the possibility to buy our items online, a website where you can find the best of our production.
  • 2017 Digital Fashion Week in Indonesia:Ornamentum is among the new emerging brands, Made in Italy certified, that are betting on digital technology and present themselves to an international spotlight place.

Nowadays, Ornamentum is a completely Made in Italy brand that exports its products mainly to Switzerland, Great Britain, USA and Russia.

Our future aim is to continue this quality path, dialoguing with new modernity challenges: the we bring the values of Italian tailoring into lines with a perfect fit.



Ornamentum challenge is centered on quality production; we are an artisanal laboratory that looks to the future. We have not a boutique but an e-commerce portal, we start from the tradition and, reading the present, we are looking to the future and to the digital and international challenges.

Ornamentum presents itself with a strong and distinctive character that you can find in every creation.

We propose you a large choice in women and man clothing, using simple but elegant lines.
High-quality fabrics, impeccable finishes, details that reveal our tailors’ mastery. Ornamentum is a brand that interprets the accessory storicity with a modern tone, preserving the caliber of Made in Italy distinctive elements.

Three basic characteristics define us:

  • Unicity and sophisticated elegance:: our mission is to create unique, refined, out-of-standard and in limited series items, lending attractive touches to people wearing them. Every detail in our clothes has to give elegance, characterising who wears them.
  • Artisanship, knowledge and curiosity:: the artisanship represents the basis of our business and characterises our productive process. It goes together with curiosity, sense of beauty and new perspectives constant research, giving priority to authenticity and passion for our job. We are putting all of our soul in what we are doing and in what corresponds to our values.
  • Research and innovation:: since the choice of valuable yarns, we tell a story whose main characteristic is the respect for the tradition that joins research and innovation, in order to make Ornamentum a laboratory in which design, artisanship and new technology intertwine.

Ornamentum & Made in Italy

  • Italy has a tailoring tradition that is known worldwide. Made in Italy values are the ones that we have in our daily activity at Ornamentum: care for details, quality of the raw material and of the processing. A production that we want to maintain limited in order to enhance its uniqueness, researching a design that aims to enhance the originality of each item.