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Energy and charisma in Autumn

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If it is true that in every woman many souls coexist, the new autumn fashion can really dress them all. The Autumn trends propose garments in which colours, lines and materials are combined to create decidedly distinctive looks. Autumn is perfect for strong and captivating tones. In this season, as said in the previous article, there is no limit to the use of colour. From dazzling, typically romantic floral prints, to minimal ones all the way down to geometric ones, always chic and elegant. It is simply impossible not to find your style. New trends not only meet everybody’s tastes, but they also give a real boost of energy to face long days. Dresses, especially, both short and long, will adorn you with charm and femininity while making you feel comfortable throughout the day.

Ornamentum’s Autumn

Simple lines shape Ornamentum’s Autumn. Short dresses with classic and clean designs and geometric patterns are the protagonists of the line, softened by bright and powerful tones. This combination of exciting styles and colours reveal the study that the Brand devoted to the interpretation and stylistic reworking of this season’s fashion trends. Women wearing Ornamentum are fashionistas, determined and enterprising women projected towards the future. They love standing out while respecting the trends of the moment. Therefore, they must feel represented in the soul and spirit by what they wear. In our online Boutique you can explore the many different personalities of Ornamentum’s garments, which are meticulously designed to satisfy this desire.  Light up your autumn  Lea is the perfect dress for this Autums. Lea is a silk mini dress where a mix of macro and micro lines intersect with rounded shapes, highlighted by shades of magenta and red. Similarly to abstractist paintings made by Kandiskij, Lea looks simple but has an expressive meaning. Lea is means purity but also bravery and elegance. Ornamentum paid the utmost attention in detailing Lea, which is tight at the waist to highlight the wearer’s silhouette and presents maxi rouches on the shoulders to emphasize its refinement. Finally, it is equipped with a sash to tie at the waist that can also be used as an accessory. Attention to detail, craftsmanship and uniqueness are the characteristics of each Ornamentum’s model, and Lea is no exception. What are you waiting for to light up your autumn?


Marta Buffoli per Ornamentum




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