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Happy Birthday Ornamentum!

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claudia Lotierzo

December 21st will be an important digital birthday for Ornamentum. And for the occasion the Brand will light three candles: the first to celebrate that dream that gave birth to the ambitious business idea of ​​the creator Claudia Lotierzo; the second for the achievements  in these years: credibility, appreciation and trust by customers; the third to enhance the work done by the staff, a significant strength of the company. Professionals who work every day with passion and creativity to give you style and beauty. But the most important  thanks of Ornamentum reserves it to you that you have appreciated the Brand since its debut, sharing the values ​​of the Italian craftsmanship that it promotes, favoring that growth that has exceeded all our expectations and that fills us with pride. Therefore we cannot wish to work always with great passion to satisfy your every desire with modernity and tradition.

A special surprise for you

On this special day Ornamentum thanks you and is happy to give you a gift: a 10% discount on all the creations, an extra opportunity to browse inside our Boutique. Discovering and knowing our line will help you find an idea for a prestigious Christmas gift or simply to find a dress or accessory suitable for every situation. It is a unique gift, reserved for loyal customers and all those who want to approach the world of Ornamentum. A world where craftsmanship, quality and attention to detail and fashion trends are the guidelines of the Brand. You just have to dive into our virtual world, peek at our products and let yourself be captured by the beauty of our clothes.

The coming year

These three years of activity for Ornamentum have been really intense: from the opening of e-commerce, to the presence at the Digital Fashion Week in Jakarta, up to the inauguration of a Temporary Store in China that I told you about in “Ornamentum is coming to China”. Initiatives carried out with determination, new experiences that have given you so many emotions. In 2020 the Brand will continue to amaze you with new projects. Strengthening its expansion towards the eastern market will be among its first intentions. Especially towards China that will conquer with creations of high sartorial level, which will reflect the fashion, culture and trends of a people that made silk their lifestyle. However, many other projects will await you. Are not you curious to discover them?! Now I just have to wish you happy Christmas holidays and advise you to stay connected to our Blog to not miss the super news that will come.

Marta Buffoli per Ornamentum




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