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Clothes that talk about you

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Does your way of dressing really express your personality?

What do you decide to wear can really make you feel like you want? These may seem like obvious questions, but each of us aspires to find the right combination of what we are and what attracts us. Furthermore, every woman is different: by body, character or posture. And to convey our personality we must wear garments that can exalt and enhance it. Ornamentum is then your best ally: it allows you to fully reflect yourself thanks to the possibility of creating tailor-made clothes and accessories, starting with the choice of the many models proposed. You can start right away: in the customizable section of the Boutique choose the fantasy that fascinates you the most, establish the measurements, and Ornamentum will think of creating your own unique garment, designed and studied just for you.

Elegant with Noelle

Among the sartorial creations signed Ornamentum the one that best suits the autumn trends is Noelle. A silk mini dress with gathered waist that highlights and emphasizes the silhouette. What strikes us is the delicate pattern declined in shades of green and ocher that stands out against the light background with leaf fantasy. This mix of tones is perfect for this season because it reminds us of the colors of the trees at the beginning of autumn.
To make the difference for Ornamentum is as always the detail: the oversize sleeves end with narrow cuffs on which appear three refined buttons that serve to embellish them. In addition, the v-neckline, gives contemporary and gritty to Noelle, while remaining faithful to a very classic cut. Suitable for all types of physicality, it is perfect for a modern woman who loves traditions, who is able to make them her own and rework them with her touch of character and personality. For the one who loves to dress herself.

Elegance is a matter of personality

Then all women want to feel and look elegant. But where does elegance come from? Elegance makes the eyes of those around us fascinating and magnetizes, but it’s not about being physically online, nor does it necessarily mean beauty: a lot of women accumulate huge quantities of clothes, without really understanding where elegance is born. Elegance is an innate language, an attitude, a posture. It can also be a simple movement of the hands. What we wear can therefore enhance and best convey this essence of ours, making it emerges with its own character and personality. Getting to this goal is easier if you rely on a fashion brand that can interprets your desires and your personality. The creations of Ornamentum, made with fine silk fabrics, adapt to every type of woman. Dresses and accessories with a unique design, developed to meet the needs of each of us. Then being yourself, being really good with yourself becomes much simpler and more pleasant, on every occasion.


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